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Our Company

We, Adimulia Sarimas Industri (Sarimas) is a soap manufacturing company with our factory located at Medan, Indonesia. Established in 2002, we are sister company of our Adimulia Group which core business is in Palm oil Plantations and Mills since 1970.

Our core business is manufacturing Toilet Soap Bars (Bath Soaps) under the category of Fruity Soaps, Beauty Soaps and Medicated Soaps. Other than toilet soaps, we also manufacture “Multi Purpose Soap Bars, Toilet Soap Noodles and RBD Palm Olein Cooking Oil”. In years to come, we will be producing more toiletries products.

Our production facility is located on 30,000 sqm in an industrial estate, about 30 minutes from city of Medan. Belawan, the third largest and busiest port in Indonesia, will be our port of discharge. We have our own laboratory to ensure quality of our finished soaps is up to our standard.

The basic raw material of soaps is Toilet Soap Noodles in which we made it ourselves therefore ensure the continuity supplies. The raw materials of making soaps are 100% based on vegetable oil (no animal oil) which are Palm oil and Coconut oil.

We are part of Ordinary Member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) under membership number 10201D0440A. Our production facility has also received "Permit to manufacture" license from Indonesia's Ministry of Industrial. Every year we are active in promoting our soap products through several local and overseas exhibitions.

In local market, two of our soap products, SONOMA Fruity Soaps and JOI Beauty Soaps have received quality approval from Indonesia's Health Department. These two products are currently well accepted in the local market and thanks to our distribution partners, our products have been distributed evenly through out places in Indonesia.

In early 2004, we started exporting our soaps to overseas markets in Asia, Pacific Islands and Africa. Therefore we have plenty rooms for expansions to overseas market.

Our company mission is to build partnerships all around the world and satisfying customers' needs by adopting a strict quality assurance system. Last but not all.